Webinar: How to turn GDPR policies into business-as-usual. Watch now.

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But why make the time to participate?

Our customers have been telling us that one of the biggest problems they face right now is converting ‘GDPR policies’ written on paper into ‘business as usual‘ practices for the organisation.  Everyday policy infringements mean that it’s guaranteed sensitive customer data is being held in the wrong place, being retained for too long, and is stored insecurely.

The good news is there’s technology and process out there to help maintain compliance systematically and monitor infringement of policy. The priority is to reduce the practical risk of data breach, as well as the burden on your organisation.


James McCarthy – VP Marketing Exonar

John Forde – Strategic Sales, bluesource

Julie Evans – Risk, Compliance & Security Consultant (formerly Vodafone & EY)


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bluesource and Exonar enabling data governance


London, 24th October 2019

bluesource and Exonar today announce a go-to-market partnership to help organisations discover and understand enterprise data at scale.  Together they will help customers protect, govern and manage information as a business risk, but also mine knowledge from data as an asset.

Every organisation faces both the challenge and opportunity of owning and managing large quantities of data, generated every day by employees, processes and customers.  This data is an asset to the organisation, but increasingly it is understood to present a substantial risk.

“Our customers are pushing their current technology investments to the limit to meet changing business and governance requirements. Exonar gives us the ability to address these issues for our customers and helps to deliver true data management at scale in on-premise, hybrid or full cloud environments.” said Simon Wardle,  Managing Director of bluesource UK.

This partnership of unique skills and technology will enable customers to drive real value and mitigate risk from their every burgeoning live data estate as well as data and assets that are stored in archives.

Founder and CEO of Exonar, Adrian Barrett, added “Data governance is a growing priority in many organisations, with few practical solutions on offer to address the challenge. Working together we combine the heritage of bluesource in solving customer problems, with our ground-breaking technology.”


About Exonar

Exonar is the world’s leader in information discovery at true scale within the enterprise. By indexing billions of items of information held in any type of data repository within an organisation, customers are able to understand, manage, govern and leverage data like never before.

For more information or on Exonar, please email paul.fowler@exonar.com

About bluesource

bluesource has a strong and award-winning track record of helping organisations to better protect, govern and manager their data. It does this through working with leading vendors to deliver solutions that integrate technology with deployment, services, support and management.

For more information on bluesource please email John.Forde@bluesource.co.uk