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What Next With Your Personal Data Inventory (Article 30)?

3 Step Guide, Survey Results and Article 30² Toolkit What Next With Your Personal Data Inventory (Article 30)? Data privacy legislation requires organisations to discover and document their personal data processes e.g. GDPR – Article 30 ‘Record of Processing Activities’. For most organisations the simplest way to fulfil this obligation is to create and maintain […]

Join us for our Exonar Meet-ups in London and Reading

We’re delighted to be hosting two meet-ups in May. Both will provide the perfect opportunity for data privacy and information governance professionals to share their experiences of the GDPR one year on and ask – ‘What does the perfect privacy programme look like?’.   At Exonar, we are in the process of building information governance […]

We make subject access requests simple – ‘How To’ Video

We know how expensive and disruptive subject access requests can be to your organisation. Exonar offers the SARlution allowing you to process SARs in minutes, not days. Simply connect to all of the sources of your customer data; emails, databases, word documents and spreadsheets, in your fileshares or in the cloud. Our interface is intuitive […]

Meet the Exonar GDPR Dashboard – ‘How To’ Video

Exonar’s GDPR dashboard provides a top-down view of your organisation’s information in relation to the EU GDPR. It enables you to discover all your privacy data, search by server/location, filter by category and geo-location, identify personal data types and so much more. Our dashboard view will take your organisation beyond spreadsheets and interviews, and into […]

New Features Announcement – Topic Extraction

Topic Extraction – another new and exciting feature now available in our ever-growing data discovery platform. Users of this new feature will benefit from understanding the topics that summarise their data. Search data by topic and create topic word clouds to visualise and filter that data. Watch our demo video to see these new features […]

New Features Announcement – Enhanced Search

Search just got better! With our new Enhanced Search feature, users can now benefit from  simple search, phrase search, proximity search, fuzzy search, must/not include, and so much more making it easier to find the data you need swiftly, simply and at scale. Watch our demo video to see these new features in action.   […]

Your questions answered – IAPP webinar Q&A

Recently, Exonar organised a webinar hosted by the IAPP. ‘Thriving in Generation Privacy: Capitalising on DSAR Data from the Field’ was a great event with a large number of attendees and a thought-provoking programme that raised a number of questions from the floor. The webinar summary was as follows: With the introduction of the EU […]

Democracy Disrupted: Data Privacy, Social Media & Election Interference

Democracy Disrupted: Data Privacy, Social Media and Election Interference – Summary of Data Protection Forum speech On March 5th, 2019 our Data & Privacy Director, John Tsopanis spoke at the Data Protection Forum event in London. His talk – ‘Democracy Disrupted: Data Privacy, Social Media, and Election Interference’ is presented here in article form.   […]