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The Impact of Privacy on the Public Sector

Data Requests Under GDPR to Push Cost to Public Sector Past £30 million Annual costs to complete requests for personal data reach £20.6m for NHS and £7.9m for local government £2.1m gap will emerge as organisations can no longer charge a fee to complete requests Some 30million requests are expected across public and private sector […]

CCPA – The Definitive, Easily Searchable Text

In the last 12 months, data privacy has moved from a niche topic to something talked about at almost every corporation’s board meeting. The EU GDPR, which came into force on May 25th, 2018, covers data held on any EU citizen and enforced new accountability for organizations processing personal data. With the legislature passing the […]

Exonar is Hiring – Senior Software Developer

Key Responsibilities Working within the small engineering team you will be a seasoned (Java) Developer responsible for all aspects of day-to-day development; from developing new features, improving performance of our machine-learning components, to mentoring junior developers and engaging with front-of-house. Your full stack experience will enable you to be writing Java code one day, and […]

We’re Hiring – Are you our new Marketing Exec?

Marketing Executive – Overview Are you our new Marketing Exec? Exonar is an exciting startup software business and we’re looking for an ambitious marketeer to join our expanding marketing team. We like to create and deploy innovative, people orientated and utterly professional marketing strategies that make us and our platform stand out in the software […]

Can you handle the Sauce Ex Challenge? Infosecurity Europe

5 Questions – 5 Crackers – 5 Litres of HOT SAUCE! See us on stand R145, Infosecurity Europe 2018 – Olympia, London, 5-7 June 2018 Choose either Ghost GDPepR ‘Sauce Ex’ (1m scovilles) or ‘Regret’ (12m scovilles) and test your GDPR knowledge in the hottest competition at Infosecurity Europe, 2018. GDPR is ‘the’ hot topic […]

Infosecurity Europe 2018 – Olympia, London, 5-7 June 2018

See us on stand R145 Find & Fix your data: GDPR compliance and data management just got easier with updates to Exonar’s innovative Information IntelligenceTM platform Exonar solves GDPR data mapping, data subject rights, and information security challenges – and now adds three new solution areas to make the DPO’s life easier Olympia, London, 5 […]

EYE Views – GDPR never seemed more relevant

Mobile Industry Eye talks to Exonar COO – Julie Evans Facebook’s spectacular exposure of at least 87 million people’s personal data to Cambridge Analytica is just one drip in a deluge of data breaches and abuses of consumer trust and privacy. Mobile Industry Eye asks how the industry should respond to the Facebook debacle, how GDPR […]

Simplifying GDPR – Get the team signed up and on the pitch

In the beginning, there was a team – Read Part 2 of our essential guides to GDPR Explain GDPR to your organisation, identify your board sponsor, form a posse from legal, compliance, technology and your key personal information owners like HR and customer services. Then get everyone in a room, work out your high-level programme […]

Exonar is Hiring – Professional Services Consultant

About the Job The Exonar platform is uniquely placed to enable organisations to understand the content and intent of the documents that they hold in their unstructured data stores. We use machine learning and underlying big data technology to crawl, index and organise data instantly and at scale to make it searchable and actionable. The […]

Simplifying GDPR – Your Essential Exonar Four-Part Guide

Understand the game – then score some easy wins and be 2-0 up by half-time It’s one of those large-scale legislative changes to the way we all work that always seems a long way off and then suddenly heaves into view – GDPR.  We’ve plenty of thoughts on the subject, thoughts that we believe are […]