Can you handle the Sauce Ex Challenge? Infosecurity Europe

5 Questions – 5 Crackers – 5 Litres of HOT SAUCE!

See us on stand R145, Infosecurity Europe 2018 – Olympia, London, 5-7 June 2018

Choose either Ghost GDPepR ‘Sauce Ex’ (1m scovilles) or ‘Regret’ (12m scovilles) and test your GDPR knowledge in the hottest competition at Infosecurity Europe, 2018.

GDPR is ‘the’ hot topic so we thought we’d spice things up and test your knowledge of the new legislation… whilst tasting some of the hottest chilli sauce available to liven it up!

Come and visit Exonar on Stand R145. If you’re clued up enough on the hotspots of GDPR, you’ll get a chance to enjoy our hot new release. No, not a new Exonar platform feature – our very own Sauce EX.

We like our spice down in Newbury – or ‘Silicon Canal’ as we like to call it – and Sauce EX is our homage to the superlatives of the Scoville Scale and the devilry of data management. A fiery, wickedly delicious and limited edition creation made from ultra-lively habanero and ghost chillies, it’s available exclusively and only to Infosecurity Europe visitors. Answer all five questions correctly in the fastest time without reaching for the milk and you’ll win your own 5 litre bottle of Sauce EX that’ll add some serious extra heat to your BBQs this summer.

So, if you think you’ve got the ‘fright’ stuff, pop down to Stand R145 and take your taste buds on an adventure they won’t forget. Remember: you can’t delegate this one to the DPO – they’ve already got some hot stuff on their plate.

Exonar CEO, Adrian Barrett and Business Development Director, Sean Campbell took the challenge without the need for any milk!

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