Exonar is Hiring – Professional Services Consultant

About the Job

The Exonar platform is uniquely placed to enable organisations to understand the content and intent of the documents that they hold in their unstructured data stores. We use machine learning and underlying big data technology to crawl, index and organise data instantly and at scale to make it searchable and actionable.

The biggest challenge facing most our clients today is GDPR compliance, the successful candidate will work directly with clients to locate and map the information that they hold and support remediation through training and onsite support.

The role is accountable for client outcomes from pre-sale to post, through programme delivery and reporting. Owns the day to day operational relationship with the client, accountable for leading client deliverables ranging from GDPR compliance, post data breach analysis to cloud migration.


Key Accountabilities

  • Work directly with clients’ personnel to lead deployments to define and meet project deliverables and drive the highest levels of satisfaction while maximising resources and repeatability
  • Run workshops, deployment planning, translating business issues into logical data searches, analysis. Lead and maintain operational relationships with clients and create executive reports for onward reporting.
  • Ensure product and user feedback as well as insight from deployments is incorporated to the platform and sales processes by providing regular feedback and insight to the team to maximise the potential of the platform
  • Contribute to training materials for clients, partners and Exonar personnel as well as platform user manuals and deliver training
  • Report deployment KPIs to monitor the success of the deployment
  • Collaborate as part of a close team to drive the growth of the company, contributing in any way possible toward the greater success of our company and our clients


  • Experience of working with business applications e.g. windows, a good user grasp of technology and ability to understand technical concepts and IT infrastructure. Essential to the role is the ability to extract and analyse data to provide meaningful insights and trends for the client
  • Experience of working with multiple clients in a business to business context and experience in a consultancy or consulting environment will be beneficial as will experience in the early stages of a new function or a start-up.
  • Knowledge and experience in Information or Cyber Security, Risk Management, Privacy or Information Governance and Compliance will be beneficial


There is no minimum formal qualification requirement however project management qualifications helpful and existing or previous government security clearance (SC or DV) will be beneficial.

Work Experience

Experience in professional services or leading projects would be a benefit, experience of working with information governance, privacy or information / cyber security would also be beneficial, as would working with a software or new product company.


Knowledge of privacy legislation, cyber security, information security, data protection, compliance, risk or information governance will be helpful.

Skills & Abilities

Ability to analyse information to make sense of it and see trends in complex information. Strong communication skills, ability to work with and lead colleagues in a matrix and informal organisation. Taking ownership and driving forward change. Able to bring structure to an unstructured environment.

Personality / Motivation

Someone who enjoys to work with detailed data, analysing information bringing structure, finding trends and making a personal difference. You will be influencing the development of a product, and motivated by making a personal change. Self-confident and self-motivated taking the lead at times and also working cooperatively in the team and with clients. Able to see the big picture and approach the role with the client and our aims in mind. Happy to challenge and be challenged to enable the best possible outcomes.


This is a client facing role so requires some mobility and occasional nights away mainly within the UK and flexibility of hours to suit peaks in demand and client requirements. Flexible working from home and unusual hours are welcome as long as it meets client and company requirements.

Competencies / Behaviours

Strong team player with a focus on driving long term benefit and outcomes but able to juggle tactical urgencies and client needs at the same time. Needs the gravitas and confidence to lead client conversations.

If this is the right role for you please send your CV with a covering letter to jobs@exonar.com