PwC and Exonar bring new data discovery and remediation services to market

PwC and Exonar form alliance to bring new data discovery and remediation services to market

  • Partnership will bring together PwC’s world-leading data discovery knowledge with Exonar’s ground breaking Information Intelligence™ platform to help companies meet future data demands

Exonar today announced that PwC’s Data Discovery team has selected its ground breaking Information Intelligence software to help its clients understand unstructured data in greater depth.

With increasing regulatory and compliance pressure, and the growing need to manage a business better, many companies turn to PwC for their data discovery, review and remediation services. PwC has engaged with Exonar in a number of data discovery projects where understanding unstructured data and its content is needed. This has included pre and post data breach, finding intellectual property stored where it should not be on a network, GDPR compliance and helping clients properly dispose of data to reduce storage and the risk of potential litigation costs.

Exonar is a British company that is redefining how organisations map, categorise and understand all of their data. Exonar solves a problem common to all organisations and their senior information owners, namely “I just don’t know what I’ve got”.

This statement, compounded with “I don’t know where it is or who has access to it” results in information security, regulatory and privacy demands becoming disproportionately challenging. The result is large amounts of risky, unwanted and unnecessary information being stored. In turn, this makes finding and understanding productive, valuable, or sensitive information much more difficult.

Umang Paw, PwC Partner in London, said, “We are excited to be working with Exonar and to add its capability to the portfolio of technology that we tailor for our clients’ specific business needs. We have been working with Exonar for over a year and are seeing real benefits across a number of different scenarios when it comes to helping our clients understand their electronic data.”

“Our technology provides a simple, comprehensive view of where data is being held,” explains Adrian Barrett, founder and CEO of Exonar.

“The platform’s underlying big data architecture provides a view of the whole enterprise, often uncovering repositories that have been forgotten about, or those that present a risk. It works by using machine learning to accurately identify data held in information systems and categorises it automatically into groups such as personal, private and sensitive. The platform does this instantly and then monitors on an ongoing basis every time a change is made.

“By bringing together our unique technology with PwC’s in-depth understanding of the world’s leading businesses, we can give CEOs the assurances they need that data is being managed in the right way to meet the obligations of regulation today and to continue to do so as laws evolve,” adds Adrian.

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